The following is a brief summary of my Perl introduction/promotion
talk at BarCamp Kerala 8 (http://barcampkerala.org/), held in March
28th, 2010 at Thiruvalla, Kerala, India.

It was my first BarCamp, and the first other conference/camp that I
ever attended apart from last year's YAPC::EU::2009 (which was a great
experience, by the way!). I was very interested in having Perl
promoted among a community that uses/promotes other programming
languages. So, I thought of giving a talk and selected the title 'Y
Perl?'. The talk concentrated on why Perl should be considered when
there are myriad programming languages. Highlights were on the latest
buzzwords in Perl, namely Catalyst, Moose and Padre, the community
efforts such as Send-a-Newbie, Perl Monks and Perl Mongers.

Blog posts, pictures and tweets have been made on the session. You can
find some at: 

And, most of all, some people met me, expressing their interest in
learning the Perl language. I am glad that I was able to encourage
them to start taking up Perl. :-)

I am also intending to attend other camps/conferences (near and far),
with the same motto of introducing/promoting Perl.

Alan Haggai Alavi.
The difference makes the difference

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