There will be a big IT conference here in Moscow in the end of May. It's
rather interesting because it's actually a "superconference" — 6 different
tracks on different languages/technology stacks. The website in Russian is
here: http://devconf.ru/

We (Andrew Shitov and myself) take part in its organizing committee and also
curate the Perl track. We also give talks ourselves.

We prefer to think of Devconf as a conference for experienced developers who
are open and eager both to
share their knowledge to people outside of their community and borrow
from technology stacks they don't use. We are going to have talks about
modern PHP for Java and Perl developers, about modern Perl for
Pythonistas and Rubyists et cetera. Of course there will also be a lot
of other technical talks.

Committee has planned 6 full-time tracks for two days and
around 1000 attendees, mostly from Russia but also Ukraine and
Belarus. The majority of talks will be in Russian but we'll have
several in English and a synchronous translation service will be
available for those attendees who are not proficient enough.

We managed to invite Carl Masak and Piers Cawley to give talks on Perl 6 and
modern Perl 5 respectively. We also tried hard to choose talks which are
less "yapcy" and more accessible for people outside of our cozy little echo
chamber :) Our track is going to compete for attention with PHP, Python,
ASP.NET and Ruby tracks which have talks from several core developers of
PHP, MySQL, ASP.NET and Ruby on Rails.

What I would like is to hear advices on making our part great and
successful. Do you think it's important to set up a booth? To invest in
swag? To show off software? To advertise end-user products instead of
technologies? Sell things? Collect donations? Record talks ourselves and
share them? Pay more attention to quality of talks? Advertise above-average
Perl developers' salaries? :)

Here's a wiki-page with the list of our planned activities I created:

Thanks in advance. This is our chance to talk to ~1000 web developers.
That's why we would like to do our best.

Alex Kapranoff.

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