I just faxed our application over to O'Reilly. We got the booth free of charge. 

We now need to get people who can help setup/take down the booth and people to 
volunteer during the day. I won't be able to attend OSCON, but perhaps there 
are some Portland locals who could more easily help out (thank you Chris for 
offering to volunteer). I'll setup a page on the wiki for people to signup to 
work the booth.

Josh, I'd say you should just go ahead with the sticker printing.

Karen, What is our budget to get the banners, table cloth, etc?


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> If i recall a banner for my wife's trade show booth was like $100 from
> VistaPrint.

see details for what we got for FOSDEM and what we now have in Europe:

> Having the shirts that were on sale at YAPC this year might be nice.
> Do we still have the use Moose etc shirts?

The Moose shirts were almost totally sold out but all the remaining shirts
(about 50) were taken by Geoffrey so I hope they will end up at OSCON.
Along with about 500 tuits and some "community cards".


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