OpenTech is an annual one-day conference in London[1] that concentrates
on technology and digital rights. As far as I know there has been little
or no Perl content in the previous conferences.

However, this year the organisers approached me and asked if I'd like to
give a 20 minute talk on Perl. I've agreed and I'm giving a talk on
"Modern Perl"[2]. The abstract is as follows:

  Perl has changed. The Perl that people use these days is different to
  the language that you stopped using to write dodgy old CGI scripts
  ten years ago. We have ORMs, templating systems, MVC frameworks and
  all of those things that you expect from a modern dynamic programming
  language. This talk will catch you up on the last ten years of Perl

Hopefully we'll get a few more people interested in what's going on in
the Perl world.

It's a slightly strange talk for this conference. The conference usually
concentrates on "here's a cool thing I built" rather than "here's a cool
tool for building things". So it'll be interesting to see what the
reaction is.




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