Hi Events team

OSDC 2010 is running in the end of November in Melbourne. There is lots of 
great Perl talks.
OSDC is not really a "show" as such, but I would like to add something to the 
bags to promote Perl.


Talks this year - http://2010.osdc.com.au/programme


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> All,
> The Baltimore.pm ran a table at the CPOSC 2010. It was a lot of fun
> and we weer able to talk to a lot of people. Dan had generously
> gifted us with a box of the "We Suck at Marketing" business cards and
> the blue onion Perl stickers. We used only a third of them. Gabor
> was also able to send me about 50 or so round tuits, of which I have
> about 20 or so left.
> If you'll be running a Perl table in the coming months and would like
> this left over swag for your booth/table, please let me know.
> --
> Brad Lhotsky


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