There are several ways to participate at FOSDEM

1) We are organizing talks in the Perl devroom on Sunday

2) The request for a Perl stand was submitted. Decision will be made
around 14 december if we are accepted or not.

3) There is a track of 15 minute long talks at FOSDEM
    called "Lightning talks".
    They provide an opportunity to give a short talk about any project outside of the
   I can even imagine that 3 people submit together one talk proposal and
   give 3 5-min talk in there.

4) Other devroom
    If you have a solution to some problem, IMHO it is better to show
it in a place
   where people dealing with that problem can be found and not where the people
   who use the same technology you used can be found.
   So if you wrote a OOP for Perl then of course the best place to
show it is the Perl
   devroom. On the other hand if you have a solution to a problem related to
   "Configuration/Systems Management" then it is probably better to
show it in the
   "Configuration/Systems Management" devroom and not in the Perl devroom.

   So I'd like to encourage everyone to check out the list of accepted devrooms: and check out

5) Distribution miniconf
    This is an area where talks are about thing common to various
    Linux (and BSD) distributions. Last year I gave a talk about CPAN
    and how the "upstream" (CPAN developers) could better interact with the
   "downstream" - the Linux and BSD distributions.
   Details are here:

6) Perl 6 and Dancer hackathons:
   We are planning to organize a Perl 6 and a Dancer hackathon
   either before or after FOSDEM. Further announcements will
  come soon.

In the Perl Ecosystem Group we already
have some budget to finance the participation of a few people
on FOSDEM. Therefore if you think about someone who would be
a particulary good speaker at FOSDEM but who need some help
in financing flight and accomodation, please let me know.


Gabor Szabo

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