I have been using OOo for about 2.5 years, was part of the OOoAuthors
team that wrote the Migration Guide, have been active on the oooforums
(iannz) and to a lesser extent on the users mail list, have a web page
for my OOo work: http://homepages.paradise.net.nz/hillview/OOo/

I have been in charge of computing at two New Zealand Polytechnics,
relief lectured at Lincoln University and been a computer manager for a
number of years. I have installed open source systems for people
including for a leader of one of our political parties. I am currently a
self-directed student.

I have been writing OOo macros for about a year now, and while I don't
consider myself an expert I do have a level of knowledge that might be
useful to other people.

The purpose of this e-mail is to ask/discuss whether my skills could be
useful at OOo Miniconf Downunder, and if so what form should that
assistance take.

I am happy to facilitate a workshop or series of workshops on writing
OOo macros / components.

Present a paper on OOo components that I am working on such as the
Reveal Codes macro.

Present a paper on having a centralised repository for OOo components.

Present a paper on collaboration and OOo.

I am happy to offer assistance in whatever other way that I can.

For me it would be great if there were a workshop on changing OOo code -
as I have found the learning curve for this very steep on my own.

The LCA fees, even at hobbyist level are very steep for me. I do not
have a student-id as I am not enrolled at any educational institute (I
was briefly for a period last year but the quality was so bad that I
left and the institute refunded my fees). Is there anyway of my
attending the OOo Miniconf Downunder without attending LCA and paying
such high registration fees? I confess the air tickets are enough of a

Thanks, Ian Laurenson

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