Ian Laurenson wrote:
<details snipped>
The purpose of this e-mail is to ask/discuss whether my skills could be
useful at OOo Miniconf Downunder, and if so what form should that
assistance take.

Ian! Great to see you here. I'm not (yet) an official organiser of this conference, so my comments in this note are all my own opinion.

Yes, your skills would definitely be very useful at OOo Miniconf in Canberra. Do put in a proposal (or several) for papers and/or workshops -- I think something on macros / components would be great. Btw, I recommend proposing more than one session, so that the organisers can choose a topic that best fits in with the rest of the program.

I am happy to offer assistance in whatever other way that I can.

Excellent! I'm sure we'll have lots for you to do. ;-)

The LCA fees, even at hobbyist level are very steep for me. <snip>
Is there anyway of my
attending the OOo Miniconf Downunder without attending LCA and paying
such high registration fees? I confess the air tickets are enough of a

There may be some expense subsidies available for speakers, as there have been for other OOo conferences. This hasn't been announced, so I'm only speculating. I suggest that when you send your proposals, you mention how much of a subsidy you need.

Regards, Jean

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