On Thu, 2005-01-20 at 21:07, Jean Hollis Weber wrote:
> Landon wrote:
> >My wife and I will be staying at the Del mar Motel on the Beach. I
> >think its about 5 minutes away from the fairgrounds.
> >
> >Do we need to set up the OpenOffice booth Tuesday night? Or will we be
> >doing that on Wednesday?
> I'll be arriving at the motel around 1 or 2 PM (my plane is due in at the 
> airport around noon). I expect to meet Daniel at the airport, as his plane 
> also arrives around noon.

Maybe we could meet at your Motel at 2 PM then?

> As booth coordinator, I plan to go over to the Fairgrounds on Tuesday 
> afternoon to find out where our booth is and do anything that might be 
> useful at that point -- actually as much as possible, in an attempt to 
> minimise last-minute chaos on Wednesday morning. We can have access from 
> 12:00 - 6:00 pm. If it's convenient for the rest of you, do join me.

Fine with me, many hands make light work etc.

> On Wednesday I also want to get from the Linspire office all of the boxes 
> of books (and possibly other stuff) that are being sent there for us from 
> various places. I hope someone in our group will have a car!

I will. We will be driving down from LA and then back so I have arranged
to hire a car. Mind it could be dangerous because I'm used to driving on
the other side of the road ;-)

> How many of us have cell phones (that work in that area)? Very useful for 
> coordination! My number is 360-480-0722. It won't work until 4 February 
> when I arrive in the USA, but after that you can reach me. If you prefer to 
> share phone numbers offlist, that's cool.

The number of our mobile is 07866 558263 - not sure how this works
internationally, whether you have to dial the +44 code for the UK or
something? If you needed transport from the airport I could come and
pick you and Daniel up.


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