I can probably hook us up with a couple 24 X 36 print outs of
OpenOffice screenshots. Let me see what I can do....

(That's one nice thing about working in an engineering office with a
large format printer!)


On Fri, 21 Jan 2005 09:20:52 +1000, Jean Hollis Weber
> Jaqueline, Ryan, and others,
> What if anything do we have in the way of posters or other visually
> interesting (and informative) things so we have that we can put up on the
> background of the booth?
> I can probably print out stuff up to A3 size (at least I think my printer
> can handle that; I haven't tried) if I have the artwork or other files to
> print from.
> I was thinking that a few of Nicu's "Otto the Seagull" cartoons would be
> fun to have for visual interest, but some more informative posters would be
> good too.
> Ryan, so you have anything?
> Anyone else?
> Jean

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