Ian Lynch wrote:
Jean Hollis Weber wrote:
> Ian, I've just seen your note offering transport for Daniel and me from the
> airport on Tuesday. Yes, please! That would be very helpful.

Can you tell me which flights so I know which ones to watch out for?
I'll have to remember to wear my OOo T-shirt so you know who I am :-)

Flights: Me: United flight 6092 from LAX, due in 11:47 am Daniel: Southwest Flight 280 from BWI, due in 12:05PM

I'll have luggage to collect at the United baggage pickup, so that's a good place to check if you don't see me sooner.

I'll wear my OOo hat! (bill cap, baseball style)

I don't think I'll try to call your cell phone, Ian -- not at international rates!


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