Ian Lynch wrote:
On Fri, 2005-01-21 at 09:20, Jacqueline McNally wrote:

Have you told everyone that you are going?

Did you know that the early bird registration has been extended until
the 5 Feb 2005? It is still only $99 to attend. See:

Do speakers and booth helpers have to register? I vaguely remeber
something about having so many helpers free. I volunteered me and
Rosemary to help with the booth and I'm doing a talk. Does this mean I
and/or Rosemary should register as above?

I have provided a list to the organisers, and your memory serves you right, there was a message floating to this affect. Rosemary has been included as a volunteer and included as your partner to attend speaker events.

I will post a check list for speakers and volunteers soon, as I want to ensure that all of you/us know what's what, who and where :)


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