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Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2005 09:04:44 -0800
From: Heather MacKenzie <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>


I want to answer some of the questions you've had on the boards.

In regards to inciting attendance, we have a coupon code for a discount we've just instated for friends and family. The discount is a $25 admission to the Summit. If you'd like to pass it around your community, please feel free.

The code is DSdiscount - you can enter it at check-out. Please pass it along to whoever you see fit- we want to pack the house!

In regards to registration of OOo folk, speakers, guests, booth workers, etc. please just forward all names to Aurelia Negrerie so we have a record and registration count. No need to register online.

Dress code- definitly T-shirts and jeans. Casual crowd here in Southern Cal.

We've had weather about 25 C or so the past few weeks. Very nice, hopefully it will stay that way.

Hope this helps. I'm reading the boards so I can answer questions that arise.


Heather MacKenzie
Desktop Summit Event Manager
858.587.6700 x263

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