What time is the rehearsal, and do you have any pointers on how to
edit that slide footer in the presentation template?



On Fri, 04 Feb 2005 06:37:34 +0800, Jacqueline McNally
> Ryan Singer wrote:
> > Is there going to be a general slideshow with each new speakers name
> > on it, or is that my job?-Ryan
> You can if you wish, but what I think you will find if you look at the
> sample template, is that the speakers are encouraged to include their
> name in the presentation.
> Daniel asked earlier about slides as he is doing a lightening talk, and
> I suggested that he have at least one slide with the title of his talk
> and his name.
> If Daniel has done his own title and name slide, then I think you have
> got out of that job :)
> As the MC, I would be attending and encouraging all the speakers to
> attend a/the rehearsal. I think Gary is the only one (so far) that has
> said he cannot make it to the scheduled rehearsal.
> Regards
> Jacqueline

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