Jacqueline wrote:
Ryan Singer wrote:
Is there going to be a general slideshow with each new speakers name
on it, or is that my job?-Ryan

You can if you wish, but what I think you will find if you look at the sample template, is that the speakers are encouraged to include their name in the presentation.

Daniel asked earlier about slides as he is doing a lightening talk, and I suggested that he have at least one slide with the title of his talk and his name.

If Daniel has done his own title and name slide, then I think you have got out of that job :)

As the MC, I would be attending and encouraging all the speakers to attend a/the rehearsal. I think Gary is the only one (so far) that has said he cannot make it to the scheduled rehearsal.

I don't want to drag my laptop around with me, so I've corresponded with Heather at Linspire, who has said,

You can use our laptop, we can test it out on Wed. morning to be sure its running correctly with the system. We should have openoffice and impress on the supplied laptop - I'll check with our tech people to be sure

I'll have my slides and Daniel's with me on CD (and I'll email them to Heather ahead of time too), so we can load them onto the Linspire laptop. Other speakers in our group can do the same, if they wish. Or we could put everything on someone else's laptop. Having everyone's slides on one machine would certainly simplify the process.


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