Hey it was great seen Daniel participating in DLS, maybe I will be on the event
in Valencia but the chance is very small (in 5 days I will have a big project
at work). But still I wish I could attend to another OOo event. Maybe we can do
another OOoRegicon at the next XpoLinux 2005 in Monterrey (later this year) :D

I also heard in Japan there is a big enough community to make a very interesting

Alexandro Colorado
Co-Leader of OpenOffice.org Spanish

Mensaje citado por Jean Hollis Weber <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

> Two more photos from OOo at the Desktop Summit in San Diego:
> Jean Hollis Weber and Daniel Carrera at the booth
> http://openoffice.jeanweber2.com/images/regicon12a.jpg
> http://openoffice.jeanweber2.com/images/regicon13b.jpg
> Jacqueline: if you want to to put these on the RegiCon website as well,
> please
> do!
> Cheers, Jean
> (writing to you again from the exhibit hall)

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