On Thu, 2005-02-24 at 21:18, Jonathon Coombes wrote:
> On Thu, 2005-02-24 at 18:39 +0000, Ian Lynch wrote:
> > On Thu, 2005-02-24 at 18:02, Jean Hollis Weber wrote:
> > > Jacqueline wrote:
> > > >Jean Hollis Weber wrote:
> > > >>I'm assuming we'll have an OOo booth at the main LCA 2005 conference 
> > > >>all 
> > > >>week, in addition to a 2-day programme, similar to San Diego. Is this 
> > > >>correct?
> > > >[snip]
> > > >
> > > >LCA (http://www.linux.conf.au/) is very unlike DLS.
> > > >
> > > >There are no booths at LCA. Some sponsors may have a presence, but this 
> > > >is 
> > > >very low key. Usually spponsors support part of the programme, e.g. 
> > > >dinner, or items in the delegates bag etc.
> > > 
> > > Thanks for the clarification. That's very disappointing for me, because I 
> > > like being a booth babe. If I had know there would be no booth, I 
> > > probably 
> > > would not have signed up to attend. Oh well, I've paid my entry fee and 
> > > made my plane reservations, and been accepted as a speaker, so I'll be 
> > > there. Let me know if there's anything you want me to do.
> > 
> > I'm about to book air tickets. I am a little worried about travelling
> > the distance if there are no points of focus apart from lectures and
> > talks. Anyone like to reassure me that it will be worthwhile?
> Hi Ian,
> Let me just say that I understand Jean's fear of not having booths
> at the LCA, but rest assured, it is well worth it. As someone who
> has been to over half of the LCA's in the past, including the first,
> I can say there is no other conference like it, certainly down under.
> LCA is rated among the top 3 conferences of its type in the world.
> Although there are limited booths for LCA, the people and the sponsors
> that you meet there are well worth every dollar spent.
> There is a problem with LCA currently getting too many participants
> which detracts from the atmosphere of previous conferences. They are
> talking about seperating LCA into a developer focused LCA, and the
> option of a user conference. This user conference, if successful, will
> eventually be the place to do OOo type presentations and will probably
> be much more along the lines of the events you are used to in USA.

Actually I'm a Brit :-) Since I was in Sydney then New Zealand then the
USA within the last month coming to OZ again is a fairly long trip - I
still haven't recovered from the last lot of Jet Lag! But since Ian
Laurenson wants to meet me, how can I say no :-) 

And of course if Jean is up for a glass of wine and promises me she
dropped that bottle of penguin pee we had at San Diego in the bin its
all systems go.

> Again, even if you come along just for the OOo Miniconf, there are
> people there to meet with and dicuss OOo face to face. Some of these
> people are very knowledgable and would find it useful to put a face
> to other names on the list. :)
> Regards
> Jonathon

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