Graham Lauder wrote:

Hi Jonathon,

Define the value. I must admit I'm a little concerned myself. Right now I'm a poor student trying to wrangle cash to get to the conference. Not having a OOo/INGOTs focus point would be a bit of a problem.
Would you say then that this is pretty much a developers only conference.

The programme is general, enterprise and integration of OOo in the morning tending to development in the afternoon, on both days.

There are very few conferences that we can attend where we have the
opportunity, particularly for OOo developers, to attract and mentor
other potential developers and contributors. Fortunately, in Australia
(and surrounds) we have quite a few OOo developers that are not
employees of Sun. So their experience will be similar to most other
developers starting out on the OOo codebase.

As I said in a previous message, if INGOTs assessors and people
interested in the INGOTs programme wish to get together, you may wish to
propose and organise a BOF for the Wednesday evening.

You may also wish to check out the EduLinux miniconf schedule and see if
there are presentations that you would prefer to attend. It is called
EduLinux, but it really covers OSS in Education.

The inaugural EducationaLinux was in Perth, see:, and for last year in
Adelaide see:

At this stage you will need to contact the EduLinux organiser, as I
don't appear to be able to locate the schedule for EduLinux miniconf


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