Jonathon wrote:
 > The main MiniConfs of interest to OOo people and speakers on this list
would be OOoMiniconf :), the Open Computing in Government which is for
a lot of government dept people etc, and the Education MiniConf for all
the schools etc. Along with the LCA, there are a select number of stalls
usually from the sponsors of the events.

The miniconfs are listed on: If you are registered for LCA, then you can attend any of these for free.

However, the Open Computing in Government Conference (OCG) is a separate event, and requires registration (and payment) in addition to LCA if you wish to attend. OCG is organised by AUUG, see: Looking quickly at their registration details, you receive a $100 discount if you are registered for LCA.

As for the worth of coming to the event, apart from the range of things
listed above, there are people at this event that you are unlikely to
meet at any other time of year or any place. Yes, some of them will be
developer type people, others are lawyers, educators, government depts
and everyday users. Having this diversity of events held together brings
a greater mix of people to the overall event.

It really depends on your purpose. Mine was simply that I was going anyway. I missed the Adelaide LCA, and having participated in the organisation of LCA 2003 in Perth, I want to meet up with the 100s of people that get together at this conference most of whom participate in the same online communities, projects etc that I do.

Apart from that, it would be great to put some faces to the names that
I have seen. :-)

The hardest part about the OOo miniconf is giving up on attending the other miniconfs such as,, or

And if it all gets to much, I can always join the :)


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