On Sat, 2005-02-26 at 07:56, Jacqueline McNally wrote:
> Ian Lynch wrote:
> > I'm about to book air tickets. I am a little worried about travelling
> > the distance if there are no points of focus apart from lectures and
> > talks. Anyone like to reassure me that it will be worthwhile?
> > 
> I can't decide for others what will be worthwhile :)

I'm coming, my problem is simply time. I have a deadline in a week I
*have* to meet and time to sort things out just now is a real issue. I'm
even giving rugby up this afternoon ;-)

It would be good to at least have an INGOT BOF get together but I guess
I can talk to people individually anyway. Look forward to meeting you
again Graham and you Jacqueline, Jean and well everyone.....


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