Jean Hollis Weber wrote:
The programme for this event is not on the MiniConf website, which is still showing the Call for Participation with a closing date of 4 Feb. When will this be updated, at least by a link from the MiniConf site to the programme on the OOo Marketing website?


Although, the link to the programme has been on the home page since we updated it for the announcement of 2.0 Beta.

I can't believe there are no morning or afternoon breaks, only a lunch break. Seems to me that a major reason for conferences is networking, and at every other professional conference I have attended, networking at tea breaks is a very valuable and important part of the programme.

Obviously people can just skip a session and go outside the lecture theatre and hang around in the halls and talk if they want to, or wander off to a nearby place to get tea, but those seem like poor alternatives to me.

I followed the LCAish (and other confs) tradition of scheduling around an agreed lunch break with the other miniconf organisers. There are no formal morning and afternoon teas as the miniconfs are considered as different streams and it is up to individuals what they do or don't attend. The idea is that there is variety and many choices.


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