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Do you have any idea of how many people might attend an OpenOffice.org

Not yet. If you have registered, you may remember that one of the questions prompts you to indicate which miniconf(s) that you wish to attend.

I'm sure the organisers are counting the registrations to ensure that the allocated room is suitable. I'll check with them.

Originally there was the concept of workshops - which I interpreted to
mean people sitting in front of computers - is this possible?

You will find that most people that attend will bring their notebook or laptop. There is always this mad rush to get into the room and sit next to power points and hotspots :)

We are planning on printing a programme, so if you have any pre-requisites for your miniconf sessions, it may be a good idea to let us know ahead of time.

I would be
happy to run, in an evening maybe, a problem solving workshop on OOo
macros. Given the time frames a workshop during the actual sessions
would be very brief.

Sounds good. BOFs are planned for the evening. You can always propose a BOF, see: http://lca2005.linux.org.au/bofs.php


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