Ian Laurenson wrote,
If people are interested, I would like to facilitate a BOF for
OpenOffice.org macros.

I envisage it to be:
* a problem solving workshop
* a getting started guide
* a discussion about collaborative macro development

It is possible to run an informal BOF on Mon or Tue before 7pm at the
venue (not much time) or Wed 8:30pm-10:30pm. I need to book the Wed time
slot reasonably promptly.

Should I bother with organising such a BOF?
If so, what time would people prefer?

It sounds like a great idea, Ian, and I'm definitely interested. I don't have a strong preference on times. I'm staying in Canberra for the whole week, so any night would suit me.

Have you seen "Getting Started with Macros" which is the first chapter in Andrew Pitonyak's "OOo Macros Explained" book? It's here (both .sxw and .pdf available):

And remember, I'll have copies of Andrew's book for sale at the conference.

I think Jacqueline mentioned earlier a list for attendees of the conference, which would have a wider readership than this list, and give you a better idea of how many people might be interested. I'm sure that most attendees, even those already in the OOo community, would not be on this list.

You might also mention it at [discuss] if you haven't already -- for the same reason, wider audience.

Cheers, Jean

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