Jacqueline wrote:
Jean Hollis Weber wrote:
I have extra copies of several OOo books that I am happy to donate as giveaways at the OOoMiniConf Downunder. These include:
"OOo Writer" (my book from O'Reilly)
"Tiny Guide to OOo" by Ben Horst
"OOo Switch" by Tamar Granor
"OOo Macros Explained" by Andrew Pitonyak
If an organiser would let me know you want these, that would be good. Jacqueline?

Hello Jean

Jonathon drew my attention to your message when we were talking yesterday.

The answer is yes please, and thank you it is very generous of you and the other authors/publishers to donate the books.

I'm creating a feedback form for each of the days. If we could offer the books as prizes from the collected feedback forms it may be an extra incentive to complete and hand them in. What do you think?

Excellent idea. I've often seen that done at conferences. What about prizes on Monday, though? People won't have handed in their forms yet.

Cheers, Jean

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