Some of you have been asking about likely attendance. I heard from the organisers today that:

"118 people ticked the OpenOffice.org miniconf box. Please note judging
by the other numbers most people ticked at least 2 miniconfs. The number
of people should probably mean there will be at least 118 people popping
their head in to the miniconf at some stage. This number is about 10% of
the miniconf ticks and adding a (big) fudge factor I'd say about 40."

I have been contacted privately by a few people that wish to attend only the OpenOffice.org Miniconf as the registrations (500) for LCA sold out five weeks ago. The miniconfs form part of LCA and cannot be registered for separately. At this late stage I'm not sure how successful adding your name to the waiting list is, but here is the information that was sent out by the organisers.


If you missed out on lca2005


We apologise we were limited with numbers. There was a waiting list set up
for people who contacted us asking, so far we have been able to refund a few
places from people who have had to cancel their attendance and let a few
people in from the waiting list. Send email to
[EMAIL PROTECTED] if you feel you must be placed on the
waiting list. We make no guarantees that there will be any more places at
any time. My suggestion is that you get in early when the registrations for
linux.conf.au 2006 in New Zealand open.

Hope this helps.


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