On Aug 27, 2005, at 11:58 AM, Adam Moore wrote:

Ryan is supposed to look into this.  Ryan, if you don't have the time
feel free to give me the contact information and I'll go ahead and
make the contacts.  Last year did Linspire approach us for the
conference or did we approach them?

It was complicated. Linspire basically wanted to offer us a lot in exchange, at first, for placing a "button" on our download pages that catered to Linspire customers. I objected, as we are impartial, and Michael Robertson, the then CEO, intervened to suggest that Linspire offer us a 1/2 day in their DLS. In prior years, the DLS has been seen as a Linspire event, but 2004 was seen as a turning point and the event as more inclusive, less a Linspire only thing.

If Linspire is willing to help fund the effort, and if a team can be got together to demonstrate OOo as a product and development space (and not just Ingots, however meritorious it may be), then great, we should consider it.



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