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Really I guess my question with this is who are we marketing to at
OpenOffice.  End users, developers, businesses, everybody?  Having a
Regicon gives us one big marketing tool.  Everyone that comes to it is
there to hear about OpenOffice.  Scanning over the people last year
there were school administrators, business owners and people from
different parts of the Americas.  It brings in a wide array of people.
 Are we going to get developers?  Probably not, this would be a more
focused event about OpenOffice and talking to end users and people
that want to move from their office suite.

For a conference like DSL, I think one would be wanting to demonstrate OOo's capabilities as well as its potential to work with others. Our goal in conferences thus--and this is a persistent goal-- is to appeal to large-scale users who can develop or otherwise help OOo by contributing to it. We don't really just focus on particular groups thus but on showcasing what the product can do.

One of the things I was hoping for last year was to further connections not only with distributors like Liinspire but also with Helix and other projects wanting to focus on the desktop. To this end, the usual procedure is to establish contacts and then follow up. The first part is easy, the second not. I regretted being unable to attend last year's DSL conference in part because I wanted to follow up on earlier contacts. But my main interest, if we were to go to DSL, would be to ensure that we are presenting OOo the product as strongly as possible, both as a ready to use thing and as potential.


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