Ian Lynch wrote:

If the latter, it would have been nice if you'd then forwarded them to the project's lists, specifically dev@marketing.openoffice.org, or even this one, as that way we could have seen if others could have attended, had it been in the Project's interest to do so.

The thing is we did post about attending NEA and we posted a summary
after attending with some analysis of the marketing strategy adopted and
its implications for others doing the same thing but no-one seemed
particularly interested. Maybe there needs to be some sort of evaluation
after each conference attended. However, that is just another drain on
resources if no action is taken as a result.

Yes. It's hard to imagine that anything would have come out of forwarding the invitation here.

If I recall correctly, the invitation arrived on the first or second day of RegiCon... in other words, only 2 or 3 days before the SCALE conference itself.

That fits with what I remember and I was going to Houston straight after
Regicon to see Gary Frederick so I didn't think too much about SCALE.

That's what I remember also. I got the email about mid-way through DLS and the SCALE conference was that same weekend or so.

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