On Aug 29, 2005, at 7:55 AM, Ian Lynch wrote:

The thing is we did post about attending NEA and we posted a summary
after attending with some analysis of the marketing strategy adopted and
its implications for others doing the same thing but no-one seemed
particularly interested. Maybe there needs to be some sort of evaluation
after each conference attended. However, that is just another drain on
resources if no action is taken as a result.

This is not a formal obligation, but usually, I ask for feedback on OOo's presence in conferences, in part b/c I want to use the media reports to thank the participants. I asked for DSL and got nothing; my own research pulled up indifferent results.

But the point is that if we--OOo--go to a conference, we want to make a strong, positive splash. I think we all agree on that. And we want to be "on message." Again, I'd be surprised if any disagrees.

When we first started presenting, Claus S. made some templates that most of us would use (I still use them). These were presentation templates, not content. Some of us made the further point of posting presentations we delivered to the MP website's Documents and Files section, so that others could see what was being presented.

One of my concerns is that people representing OOo could be doing a better job of it. I have received a couple of recent comments from attendees at conferences where OOo representatives presented on OOo and they were not positive. To resolve this, I'd suggest that if somebody is going to represent OOo they review the material available and use the existing templates, as a start.


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