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> I'll call them today.  I just moved to the Berkeley area, and so I
> have no internet at home, only at work.  At this point I am only
> going to ask if they can comp us a booth because I'm not sure if we
> are prepared to put up speakers again.  I will also ask Simon and
> Gary if they are interested in presenting again.  I am pretty sure
> Gary will be, and Simon has interesting ideas every time I talk to
> him. -Ryan

Ryan, keep in mind that it is by no means clear that OOo as a project
is interested in going to DLS. So, your inquiries are necessarily of
the exploratory sort.


What do we do to detrmine if OOo as a project is interested in going to DLS?

A good question, one that could be answered probably better after OOoCon, which needs to be our focus right now.

But some minima:


* Have we been invited?
* Are there funds to pay for a booth, presuming we must pay for that?
* For equipment?


* Is this a good conference for a mere booth (itself a taxing thing) or for presentations? That is, to make it more like a RegiCon.

And probably other points. Last year, the CC weighed in on the issue. This year, and years to come, I'd like to see for us to have a program of sorts, where we target certain conferences and go there in strength ;-)

But, again, for now, what would be really good is to make an effort to make OOoCon good, even if you are not attending. What could be done, for instance--and this needs to be checked with Jacqueline, Sophie, John, Erwin, et al.--is the creation of collateral that could be generally used, the creation of scripts that show OOo going through its paces, and the as much play on OOo's potential as possible.

To give an example of OOo going through its paces, here is what was done for the first OOoCon, in 2003:


It's a 282.72 KB zip file.


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