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> Another thing that came out of the RegiCon was a contact that led
> to the NEA conference, where a lot of teachers learned about OOo
> for the first time. And undoubtedly, the education sector is very
> important because each teacher has the potential to influence at
> least 60 kids a year.

Indeed it is, and I'm glad--honest--that this came out of DLS.  OOo
benefits then insofar as elements in the education sector--which we
had reached into before, of course--deployed and also now seek to
develop OOo and contribute to the project. But I'll be cynical, too,
and wonder if the NEA effort was not subsumed into an INGOT effort.
I'd be happy to be shown that it was not.

100% of the people we talked to heard about OpenOffice from us.
75% of the people we talked to heard about INGOTs from us.

The next query: who is following up on the NEA contacts?

You misunderstand the NEA.  It is not a conference for making "sales" of OpenOffice.  It is a conference for teacher awareness.  The teachers talk to other teachers and they bring up the idea to the people in charge.  This could be techs, management etc.  Teachers as a whole have alot of power.  If they want something as a group it usually gets done. (not counting salaries ;) although... )

> I believe that a couple of people went to both the RegiCon in San
> Diego and the MiniCon in Camberra (Jean and Ian). Perhaps it'd be
> good for them to give their opinions on how the two conferences
> compared. That would give at least the people who went to Camberra
> a better idea of how RegiCon went.
>> but we generally want a conference to be worth  the effort and money.
> Why of course. So let's talk about effort and money:
> 1) Effort:
> If the people putting in the effort would be volunteers who are
> interested in the work, and cannot attend OOoCon due to distance.
> So, in effect, there is zero loss in terms of effort.

Not quite.  There is a lot to be done, and I do not, for one, see
that one should only contribute to OOo if one stands to benefit
directly.  This is a community thing.  I have already sketched some
of the things that have to be done for OOoCon even by people who are
not attending.  You are still involved in it because you are involved
in the Project. To think otherwise harms the community.  To learn
more of what needs to be done, don't hesitate to ask the OOoCon
organisers or Jacqueline and John.

I will do that in my next e-mail.
Adam Moore
Community Volunteer
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