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Do you feel that team-building within the community is unimportant? For an open source project, I think that this sort of interaction between members is very important. After all, "fun" and "community" are the primary motivators for almost any volunteer.

It's obviously important but ought not to be seen as the primary reason for funding a conference. It is usually seen as a side benefit.

I guess I rank community contact higher than you then. Because I think that it's significantly more than a "side benefit".

On the contrary it is not silly at all--unless you think of how others see us as silly.

You're changing the question. You asked which developers we got from DLS. I'm saying that this is a silly question, because you couldn't answer that for most conferences.

But I'll be cynical, too, and wonder if the NEA effort was not subsumed into an INGOT effort. I'd be happy to be shown that it was not.

Adam's word not good enough for you?

1) Effort:
If the people putting in the effort would be volunteers who are interested in the work, and cannot attend OOoCon due to distance. So, in effect, there is zero loss in terms of effort.

Not quite. There is a lot to be done, and I do not, for one, see that one should only contribute to OOo if one stands to benefit directly.

I wonder what that has to do with what I wrote.

Okay, so I guess we'll comission Ryan and Adam to find out the details for the next DLS.

We?  The Marketing Project is Jacqueline and John's to administer.

Huh? Do we need an approval process to let Ryan find out when the next DLS is and if we are invited?

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