On Fri, 2005-11-04 at 11:36 +0800, Jacqueline McNally wrote:
> Hello
> Today, I received a message privately:
> > How are the papers looking so far? What about registrations? I am 
> > curious as a good percentage of people last event did not like the 
> > idea of NZ or combined with LCA.

I think that should be "noticable percentage" rather than a "good
percentage" as mentioned.

> I thought it would benefit if I responded on the appropriate OOo list.
> Today is the last day for potential speakers to submit their abstracts
> for the OOo Miniconf that forms part of LCA2006 (www.linux.conf.au).
> Since making the CfP announcement[1] I have received three enquiries
> directly, and one submission consisting of multiple papers has been
> received at [EMAIL PROTECTED]

I know that NZ is considered a good possibility for overseas speakers
as these will often come to NZ, but not necessarily Australia!?! 
Perhaps if we want it to continue, we should start to campaign a couple
of overseas speakers/developers to coming to the MiniConf?

> I found out late that some of you did not like paying a registration fee
> for six days conference, in order to attend or speak at the OOo
> Miniconf. This year the registrations were priced at AUD690
> (professional) and AUD300 (hobbyist). Early bird prices were AUD460 and
> AUD200 respectively, with students and concession being AUD100. See:
> http://lca2005.linux.org.au/register/
> The registration fees for LCA2006 are similar, see:
> http://www.linux.conf.au/register/ with early bird prices being
> AUD517.50 (professional) and $225 (hobbyist). Early bird finishes on 18
> November 2005.
> My view is that even if you did not wish to attend the other four days
> of the six day conference, then the registration fees for two days of
> OOo presentations and tutorials is inexpensive. But then, I was going to
> LCA anyway, so focussing on OOo for two days prior to the main
> conference was not going to be a major inconvenience to me other than
> not being able to attend other miniconf presentations.

I agree. Given that some of the XML and similar conference your are
looking at anywhere between AU$500-AU$1000 per day, I think the option
of 2 days, or even the whole LCA experience, is well worth the money.

> It is considered to be a privilege to hold a one to two day miniconf.
> Also, we did and do not have to do it. Miniconf speakers and attendees
> are naturally drawn from those wishing to attend LCA. LCA is
> typically oversubscribed and the number of attendees is kept to a
> maximum to maintain what regular attendees like about LCA. That is, a
> certain ambience and intimacy for OSS developers and end-users to share
> their experience and skills. The focus is on, but is not limited to, Linux.
> I don't know how the LCA registrations are going, but the latest LA
> podcast[1] indicated that some people took advantage straight away of
> the early bird registrations when they opened in the middle of October.

The LCA bookings can vary in uptake, but usually there is never enough.
I would recommend people get in ASAP to be safe, and get the discount.

> I proposed the OOo Miniconf for LCA2006 to the LCA committee as there
> appeared to be a strong and growing interest in OpenOffice.org in New
> Zealand. Also, I don't think it is fair to not propose an OOo Miniconf
> based on previous OOo Miniconf attendees and speakers that indicated
> that they will not be attending.

I know that after the MiniConf, the idea was put forward that it may
be possible to have two MiniConfs - one at LCA and one later in the
year back in Australia and separate to LCA. This may still be an option,
but I would like to think that if this model does go ahead, it would
be based on the uptake of the LCA-based MiniConf growing too much and
having to separate due to resources and attendance.

I would recommend that we try and get OOoMiniConf done as a part of
LCA and then base the possibility of a second conference on the
outcome of that event. 

Also, I don't know about other people, but I have been very busy and
totally missed the announcement regarding MiniConf. Is it possible
that some people are expecting it to be around the same time as this
year, that is April? The LCA event is almost always run in January
and 2005 was a special case for April, so maybe that should be 
pointed out to people so they know that time is short compared to
last year?

I would hope that we get more people submitting papers. I have put
together a list of some people I know that may be interested in the
MiniConf and will be letting them know and suggesting they submit
papers. Perhaps it would be good for a few more people to do the
same and see what response we get.


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