On Sun, 2005-11-06 at 04:20 +1000, Jean Hollis Weber wrote:
> Jacqueline McNally wrote:
> > ... I would not like to encourage people to come
> > to the OpenOffice.org Miniconf if they do not wish to attend LCA.
> I was one of the people at the Miniconf this year who voiced a lack of 
> interest
> in going to Dunedin (or indeed having an OOo conf associated with LCA), 
> because
> I have no interest in attending LCA (and wasn't interested in doing so this
> year). So I was not happy about paying even an early bird fee for LCA and
> was/am unwilling to do so for next year. Just my pov; I appreciate that many
> people are interested in both.

I can see the benefits of hosting it with LCA, but I think it should
be a starting point and not the totality of what we are trying to do.

> > If you wish to discuss hosting a separate Australian event, please start
> > another thread on [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> If Jonathon doesn't do so, I will. Not that I'm in a position to do much more
> than say "I want this to happen"...

I would like to see some final views before committing to this, but
I could certainly see it being beneficial. 

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