LinuxWorld Expo Boston is coming soon: 3-6 April.

I think it is very important that OOo be fully represented there. Not only is Massachusetts leading the fight for the government use of the opendocument format, which OOo uses, but a lot of media attention has been focused on that fight. I figure the LWE this year in Boston will be more than normally saturated with media.

I would like to have a booth focused on OOo and possibly more. I have not checked but am checking now it Sun is planning a booth that would include OOo. If you are interested in helping out with managing the booth, let us know by responding to the [EMAIL PROTECTED] list.

What we would need besides your presence:

* collateral
* cdroms
* banner
* t-shirts
* giveaways?
* anything else?

What would be really great is if we could do a demo of OOo there. We need a professional demonstration of what OOo is and what it does. If you want to help here, please! Be creative, be original, and make it fun :-) The basic idea: A presentation or scripted demo that demonstrates OOo's ease and power.



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