Slapping a Knoppix CD can make the 3 computers run Linux without needing to install on them.

I thought about that, I was just concerned about the speed that it would run, but it should be fine both on windows are AMD 64 processors with 1 gig of Ram and DVD writer drives.

I can burn 50 to 100 CDs for this, these can go even if I cannot make it.

I think the best contact will be Sam Hiser who lives in NYC and he might be able to pull together a buch of swag.
As soon as we know who all will be going I will get with someone to make sure the CDs at least make it.

What would be really great is if we could do a demo of OOo there. We need a professional demonstration of what OOo is and what it does. If you want to help here, please! Be creative, be original, and make it fun :-) The basic idea: A presentation or scripted demo that demonstrates OOo's ease and power.

yes I will also suggest to do 'recruiting material' simply because a lot of Linux (OOo-users) will be there, they might already know the suite, but getting them exciting about participating in the community might go a step further.

I would agree here, I always wondered why we target Linux conferences, when what we should be doing is going to the windows ones :-D , but seriously what are the chances of attending something that is more targeted toward windows users, is there such a thing.
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