Louis Suarez-Potts wrote:
Big news:

OpenOffice.org has been given booth space at both the LWE Boston (4-6 April) and SF (15-17 August). Yippee!

What we need now is people to help staff the booth.

I can give some advice and will try to coordinate the schedule as well as collateral, but would love help in this. For the Boston event, I'm very likely to be there, as I may be giving a presentation there, anyway.

if you are interested in helping out in whatever capacity, please let me know!

That is good news. Have you mentioned this on a list with a wider readership? I suspect that some potentially valuable volunteers might not be reading this list.

What if any funding will be available for travel and accommodation for people helping out? That could make a lot of difference to who might be potentially available to assist.

What if any collateral is already available? And, errr.... just to make sure we all understand the terminology, what exactly do you mean by "collateral"? It's not a familiar term to me and I may be guessing wrong as to just what it includes.

What level of help are you looking for? You mention people to staff the booth, but how about planning and preparation? You mention you will try to coordinate the the schedule as well as collateral; would you prefer to have someone else handle all of that, considering how many other things you are responsible for?

Cheers, Jean

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