Louis Suarez-Potts wrote:
What if any funding will be available for travel and accommodation for people helping out? That could make a lot of difference to who might be potentially available to assist.

Probably zero. I am scrounging around for my own funding, but that is not certain. What usually happens is that local people, ie, Bostonians, or whatever, help out.

Okay. It's good to have this spelled out right up front.

What if any collateral is already available?

To be frank, I've not investigated this yet. We used to have cdroms and brochures, or at least the digital versions of these, and I'm hoping to use those.

What level of help are you looking for?

So far, getting the collateral we might have together. I can probably do the scheduling and maybe even drum up support.

What budget will you have for getting brochures printed and similar expenses? It sounds from a later comment in this note that you'll be relying on CD-ROM suppliers to donate them. Will you also be relying on someone to donate the printing of brochures?

What about a banner for the booth? Is one available? Should the booth have one? Does the art project have a banner design? I got a very nice 2'x6' full-colour banner for US$72 for the ODFellowship booth at SCALE, from ultimatebanners.com; you might like to use them if you don't already have another supplier.

You mention people to staff the booth, but how about planning and preparation? You mention you will try to coordinate the the schedule as well as collateral; would you prefer to have someone else handle all of that, considering how many other things you are responsible for?

Of course :-) But I'd never wish to impose such a burden :-).

Good grief! Why ever not? That's what community members are for! If you give people the impression that you're always going to do everything yourself, why should anyone volunteer to take on some of the responsibility?

I'll try to get interest going in this so that we have sufficient booth bodies available and put a call out to the cdrom list for cdroms. But we do need the brochures and any other material. I can also (or anyone else can) start a wiki for the scheduling, as that may be easiest to manage.

I can't help there at the moment, as I'm having to work offline almost all the time, just collecting and sending email a few times a day.

Cheers, Jean

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