I was close to landing a speaking gig at the "Global Creative Economy 
Convergence Summit" this summer in Philadelphia. 

It would still be a great place to have a booth. They're not specifically 
software or FOSS-oriented, which means we'd be reaching a new audience. They 
are all about the 'creative economy' and 'digital,' so they would be very 
sympathetic to us.  

If a smooth talker (Louis?) can get them to give us a booth, I will staff it 
the whole time, and bring at least one other New Yorker with me.


On Friday, March 10, 2006, at 09:27AM, Louis Suarez-Potts <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 

>On 2006-02-08, at 13:22 , James Walker wrote:
>> I would agree here, I always wondered why we target Linux  
>> conferences, when what we should be doing is going to the windows  
>> ones :-D , but seriously what are the chances of attending  
>> something that is more targeted toward windows users, is there such  
>> a thing.
>>> --Alexandro Colorado
>We can certainly target others. We had successes in COMDEX, for  
>instance, CeBIT (ongoing) is a big one that transcends linux, and  
>there is JavaOne, we can now attend, as well as other, more  
>mainstream ones.  However, the nonLinux ones often ask us for money,  
>or at least it is more difficult to get a boothspace.
>Still: select some we should target and make a case.
>PS note changed subject. 

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