Louis Suarez-Potts wrote:

On 2006-03-10, at 16:18 , Jean Hollis Weber wrote:

Please refer to my note on marketing-events dated 23 Feb in which I made some suggestions regarding books for display (and sale, if allowed) at LWE Boston.

I saw it... and sure. Books are good. I was just thinking of crucial stuff.


1) Are sales of books allowed at LWE Boston? (Some shows allow sales; others don't, especially if they have an "official" bookstore... even though the official bookstore would not have copies of some of the OOo books.)

2) Is anyone organising with publishers to get some books? Given that there is no budget for buying any, even to sell, donations would be needed. There is little time left to make arrangements and have the books arrive in time.

3) Where should copies of books or other donations be sent? Potential donors need a specific shipping address.

Regards, Jean

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