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I guess you missed the seminar for your busy schedule (it's far away, :-D too). Anyway, it went very well. More then 50 people joined the  seminar; The number is too small but it was a start. I Hope more people in Bangladesh will join community gradually.  :-)

John demonstrated the various features of OO.o 2.0; Regarding localization efforts he presented the "Cambodian Case Study". The Cambodian group working very well for last 2 years. Their driving force is their Government, United Nation and some Good spirit dedicated workers. By that combination they are progressing very fast thru Open Source.

Jamil Ahmed from Ankur presented some Bangla localized Open Source applications including Pointed out some important issues we are facing, ie lack of volunteers, hardwares and funding as well. After that some students of BRAC university told us that they are willing to help us if they get proper guidance - which was great.

Today the Seminar on OO.o 2.0 got press coverage in nation's leading news papers in "Prothom-Alo" ( ); it's a Bangla Newspaper, most of you won't be able to read it ;)

Pictures of the seminar:

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Yup. We have been following this one closely since Jamil has been active
in keeping the bn NLP updated.


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> FYI. This is some great news. I won't be able to attend, unfortunately,
> but John is a great guy and I trust he will deliver some greate speeches.
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> Charles-H. Schulz,
> Lead of the Native-Language
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> Friends,
> You will be glad to know that, Ankur is arranging a _friendly_ seminar
> on " 2.0" at BRAC University with the cooperation of BRAC
> University Computer Club.
> Mr. John McChrees, co-lead of's Marketing Project will
> deliver his valuable speech.
> You are all invited to attend. Share your thoughts, suggestions,
> criticisms and make the event interesting.
> Seminar Details:
> Starting Time: 3:00 PM
> Date: 10th March, 2006. Friday
> Venue: BRAC univeristy Cafetaria (Ground Floor)
> See you there!
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> mak
> MarCon, Bangladesh.


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