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What budget will you have for getting brochures printed and similar expenses? It sounds from a later comment in this note that you'll be relying on CD-ROM suppliers to donate them. Will you also be relying on someone to donate the printing of brochures?

Probably zero or close to zero budget. I'll ask for donations and see if Team OOo can help here. What usually happens is that we do this out of pocket, ie, I pay for it on my own.

What about a banner for the booth? Is one available? Should the booth have one? Does the art project have a banner design? I got a very nice 2'x6' full-colour banner for US$72 for the ODFellowship booth at SCALE, from ultimatebanners.com; you might like to use them if you don't already have another supplier.

Thanks for the tip. I'll look into it. We used to have one but last I heard of it Sam H. had it last year. I wrote him about it but I suspect that he has filtered my mail to him as junk :-/

You mention people to staff the booth, but how about planning and preparation? You mention you will try to coordinate the the schedule as well as collateral; would you prefer to have someone else handle all of that, considering how many other things you are responsible for?
Of course :-) But I'd never wish to impose such a burden  :-).

Good grief! Why ever not? That's what community members are for! If you give people the impression that you're always going to do everything yourself, why should anyone volunteer to take on some of the responsibility?

I was being a little ironic :-) People are more than welcome, of course, to volunteer their services and help, and I've put out calls for help as is quite apparent by now. Several have come through.


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