The status so far:

* Leon Shiman of X.org is helping out on the ground in Boston. He's also arranged for me to be on a panel at the conference discussing OOo and ODF.

* Kyle Korleski of the CDROM project has volunteered 1,000 cds of OOo 2.0.2 in English to be given out at the conference. His company will be loudly thanked, of course. I believe he's also volunteering some brochures, but I need to confirm.

* Intel has agreed to lend us three laptops or other boxes with associated monitors for the show; we will have to install OOo on these Windows boxes.

* LTSP has agreed to lend us a thin client for the show. I need monitors for this...

* I *need* booth beings! I can do the show much of the time but I really really need people to help out by being there. It should be kind of fun.

* On the collateral front, Bernhard Dippold, Alexandro and others have volunteered some posters, flyers and other artwork for the show. I've also put out calls for clever presentations and things like that. This show should have some attitude, I think. Why not? :-) By attitude: show people we are confident, that Microsoft Office is for wankers, that ODF rulez, etc. :-)

* Books: Jean has suggested sending some ODF fellowship books, which is fine; I can display but not sell them. I'd hope that proceeds of any sell also go to OpenOffice.org marketing events. I'd love to also see about other books that I can at the least refer people to, and will be pointing to the Support page and Documentation page for this purpose.

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