Louis Suarez-Potts wrote:
On 2006-03-10, at 18:58 , Jean Hollis Weber wrote:

I said in an earlier note that FoOD cannot offer free copies of these books, but upon further reflection, we can provide one copy of each book for display at the booth, if you are interested.

Yes. Send them to the address I gave you before, to LWE Boston Warehouse. I can only display them, of course.
I am also open to displaying other works that focus on OpenOffice.org.

At this late date, I'm not sure the books will arrive in time, but I'll put in the order and hope for the best.

A note to everyone for future reference: more lead time for ordering print-on-demand books is highly recommended. Minimum of 3 weeks, more if you want a box of them for an event where you can sell them.


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