Louis Suarez-Potts wrote:
* Books: Jean has suggested sending some ODF fellowship books, which is fine; I can display but not sell them. I'd hope that proceeds of any sell also go to OpenOffice.org marketing events.

Correction: The books I offered are not "OD Fellowship" books. The publisher's name is Friends of OpenDocument Inc., an Australia-based group that handles money on behalf of several international organisations that are not legal entities in themselves (including, but not limited to, ODFellowship and OOoAuthors).

FoOD also publishes relevant books for individuals when requested. J. David Eisenberg's "OASIS OpenDocument Essentials" is the first of these books. What he does with his royalties is up to him.

The other two books are by OOoAuthors and have nothing to do with the OD Fellowship. It's up to the team at OOoAuthors how any proceeds from sales of their books are distributed. My impression is that those proceeds will be spent on promoting OpenOffice.org.

Anyway, it will be difficult to determine what, if any, sales result from people seeing the samples at the OOo booth at LWE or any other event, unless there is a sudden spike in sales in the early part of April.

I'd love to also see about other books that I can at the least refer people to, and will be pointing to the Support page and Documentation page for this purpose.

I hope someone will have time to update the Support page with OOo2.0 books before LWE (issue 62488).

Regards, Jean

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