On 2006-03-18, at 14:15 , Benjamin Horst wrote:

I emailed back and forth with Kelly Lee several times.

Thanks. I'll cc you.

You can find her phone number and other info on their site here: http://www.ipphila.com/index.cfm/fuseaction/staff.detail/staffID/17

I understand about the possibility of hidden costs, but until or if we hit that obstacle, let's see what we can do.


Thanks Louis!




On Mar 18, 2006, at 1:40 PM, Louis Suarez-Potts wrote:

Hi Ben,

On 2006-03-10, at 10:12 , Benjamin Horst wrote:

I was close to landing a speaking gig at the "Global Creative Economy Convergence Summit" this summer in Philadelphia. http:// www.ipphila.com/creativeeconomy/GCECS/


It would still be a great place to have a booth. They're not specifically software or FOSS-oriented, which means we'd be reaching a new audience. They are all about the 'creative economy' and 'digital,' so they would be very sympathetic to us.

If a smooth talker (Louis?) can get them to give us a booth, I will staff it the whole time, and bring at least one other New Yorker with me.

I can try. Give me a contact name.

Again, I'm all for getting non -techie conferences going, provided we can swing the costs. They can be hidden and they can be formidable.



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On 2006-02-08, at 13:22 , James Walker wrote:

I would agree here, I always wondered why we target Linux
conferences, when what we should be doing is going to the windows
ones :-D , but seriously what are the chances of attending
something that is more targeted toward windows users, is there such
a thing.
--Alexandro Colorado

We can certainly target others. We had successes in COMDEX, for
instance, CeBIT (ongoing) is a big one that transcends linux, and
there is JavaOne, we can now attend, as well as other, more
mainstream ones. However, the nonLinux ones often ask us for money,
or at least it is more difficult to get a boothspace.

Still: select some we should target and make a case.



PS note changed subject.

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