I love your program and tell everyone about it.  I don’t know if you are located here in Denver, but we have an annual event that you may be interested in attending and placing a free booth to promote your programs.  All we ask in return is that if you are ever in need of imprinted merchandise such as t-shirts, pens, mugs, etc., that you call on us and let us help you.  I’ve done products for Sun Microsystems over the years, and would be happy to help you as well.


Our company sells Promotional and Branding Products and we invite all of our customer’s, who consist of Buyer’s and Marketing Personnel for Large and Small Companies, to attend our annual BBQ held in our parking lot.   We also invite several of our Large Suppliers to set up booths with Products so our clients can see a small representation of other Products we offer, as well as it gives them opportunities to speak with Reps from those companies to get a better idea how things work on our end to get things through the supply chain.  Reps from Big names like Hanes, BIC, Jerzees, etc., set up booths with samples.  Attendance is approx 300-400 decision makers who purchase and recommend key products for their businesses, organizations, and events.


The reason I like your software is that it is very easy to use and being that our line of work constantly needs to edit and change artwork for people’s logo’s and messages that will be imprinted onto multiple products, I don’t have to go to school to learn an a hard program such as Illustrator or pay $50 per hour in art charges for someone else to edit the artwork I need for these projects.  Your Draw Program does this simply and rapidly and saves me a lot of headaches!

Just the same, when clients send so many different files that I may not have a program installed to open it in, Open Office can usually translate these files so at least they are readable.


The event is Friday, July 21, 2006 from 4:30-10:30.  Great Food, Beer, Soda, and Networking.


Please let me know if you all are interested in attending.




Kim Haber


1140 El Paso Blvd

Denver, CO  80221



Promoting Your BRAND of SUCCESS!”

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