Linux WorldExpo SF is this 14-17 August. LWEs in the past have been occasions for one suit to meet another and for open source projects to gain valuable recognition from suits. They are not occasions for developers. Last year, we did not attend and in the balance, it was not such a loss, I think. We did attend the Boston LWE and that was fairly productive. (Mozilla did not attend, nor did several other FOSS projects; Sun did not attend, either.) New and useful contacts were formed, at least one developer has contacted us because of our being there, and community was firmed; but equally important, it was valuable for us to be there, where the ODF is being mandated for the state. I wanted very much for the government officials to see OOo as ready and able to help them manage the transition to ODF.

But LWE SF is a different story. There is no statewide move to ODF, alas. Still, we have been offered a free booth and we do have slightly outdated brochures and a splendid banner that we could use. So I asked Christian E. and some others if they would be interested in helping out. Christian can't do it and the others have not expressed any interest.

So, that's where we stand. I can't make it myself, and I feel that barring a surge of interest, there is no reason to go ahead with the exhibit booth.

But let me know. What we would need:

* 2-4 people willing to staff the booth for at least a few of the days it's open. * Cds are option. We missed them for LWE Boston (they were perpetually in the mail)
* Brochures we have; banner, too

There are no funds allocated to this event. If you are in the neighbourhood, great! You'd be helping OOo out and doubtless be there for any media interviews, etc.

Do let me know as soon as possible.....


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