On 23/01/2007, at 12:45 AM, Juergen Schmidt wrote:

Hi Jonathon,

thanks for this interesting summary of the event. I would be happy to participate next year to present on programmability features of OpenOffice.org in general and in detail. Maybe it is also possible to organize a workshop or some kind of hands on lab.

Feel free to contact me directly, i have plans to evangelize the programmability features of OO.org more and more in the future. Any pointer,invitation to big events where we can reach a huge audience is appreciated and helpful.


Juergen, we hope you will participate - linux.conf.au January 2008 will be in Melbourne.

I suggest to try for both the main conference and the OOo Miniconf. Participation in the Miniconf is 100% guaranteed already.

Submission of papers for the main conference will be around September 2007. A focus on linux might help as there is a lot of competition to be accepted.

The 2007 conference details are at lca.linux.org.au, there were 800 attendees and 90 speakers.

There are at least three possibilities:
- submission for the main linux conference;
- participate in OOo Miniconf
- pre-conference activities

The Miniconf sessions are on Monday and Tuesday, and OOo might be allocated one or two days.

Anyone who is interested, please edit the Miniconf wiki for 2008, more details are in the Wiki - http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/ wiki/LCA_2008_Miniconf


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