Hello list readers,

following a discussion that recently took place, I'd like to announce that this list will be CLOSED DOWN in a few days. I will not delete the archives, but it can't be used for posting anymore.

The goal is to get a little bit more structure into the marketing mailing lists.

Where to post now?

For MarCons: Please let me know if you are not already subscribed to [EMAIL PROTECTED] or [EMAIL PROTECTED] In the future, [EMAIL PROTECTED] will be used for marketing internal discussions, like strategies and campaigns, and [EMAIL PROTECTED] solely for discussion of press releases. It is vital that all MarCons are on BOTH of these lists. We should discuss as much as possible on the public [EMAIL PROTECTED] list, but sometimes it is better if we are in a nonpublic area.

For others: Public discussions will still take place on [EMAIL PROTECTED], so please subscribe to this one if you aren't already. ;-)

Happy posting!

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